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        pump line

        Our main products include: elbows, flanges, tees, reducers, crosses and other pipe products, Welcome 0086 -317-6878566
        Add:Donghe industrial zone,Cangzhou 
        city, Hebei province,P.R.China
        Contact:Ms. Zhang
        Tel: 0086-13603173604

             Cangzhou authentic   Pipe-Fitting Manufacture Co.,ltd.is located in Mengcun County,which is reputed as the center of manufacturing industrial pipe fitting in China.lt faces the Gulf of Bohai Sea and the port of Tianjin in the east.Being adjacent to the capital Beijing in the north.So the authentic Pipe-fitting Co.,ltd.is located with great advantages,not only in location but also in technical support for its fast developing.
            Cangzho ……

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          Cangzhou authentic   Pipe-Fitting Manufacture Co.,ltd.  All rights reserved.
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